Dystopian Regrets

I have no idea what’s going on most of the time. Really, I can be quite embarrassing. It wasn’t too long ago that I could be heard saying, “So, what is this “Twilight” exactly?” People just give me blank stares and then wonder why they are even wasting their time acknowledging me. And you call yourself a writer! For shame!

Sparkling vampires aside, I just don’t have the time – or attention span –  that I once did to immerse myself in the “next big thing”. This goes for technology, fashion, fad diets, politics, and any other latest thing that is being shoved down our consumerist throats. But really, I do care about cultural pursuits, and would like to be on top of the latest hot book releases; immersing myself as I once did when  I was wallowing in the music biz.

I am getting a little better. I almost have a clue about the Suzanne Collins penned YA dystopian trilogy “The Hunger Games“. I haven’t actually READ it yet – let’s not get crazy – but I know someone who has downloaded it onto their Kindle, and is considering reading it, so God I’m close. I’m also on top of things enough to have discovered (or let’s be truthful, just happened to notice) that the movie is being filmed and is scheduled for release in March 2012. Wow. I might be able to get it together enough to read the books before the movie comes out!

Bloody Disgusting Horror news Site (http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/25586) has a blurb about the casting, along with the link to Entertainment Weekly’s story. Of minor note to me is that one of the stars, Liam Hemsworth, is the Australian younger brother to Thor star, Chris Hemsworth. Yum! Sorry, got distracted. What the hell were we talking about? Oh yeah. The Hunger Games.

I don’t know why I’m not reading this trilogy right now. Well, I don’t have it, that could be one pretty good reason, but I should be making this a priority. Not because it’s the latest hot thing, although that always makes me wonder and want to judge for myself, but because it is dystopian fiction. I have no idea why end of the world sagas have such an appeal for me, but they do. Maybe I’m just not the hugest fan of how things are now, so I want to imagine what would happen if????

I began experimenting with my own dystopian story – something I’ve tried to do in the past with little satisfaction – and have finally connected in a real way with something. It’s called “The Wilds People”, and could take years to write, or might be done during NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writer’s Month), but regardless, it feels real to me. I think this is the one. I’m projecting that this is how The Hunger Games happened for Suzanne Collins. I hope I’m right. There’s nothing worse than Dystopian regrets.


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