Startling Frank Confessions

19 days until NaNoWriMo, and I have swerved drastically off course. Oh – I’ll be writing, no problems there. It’s just that I’ve completely altered my plan of action. Ever see that movie “The Three Faces of Eve”? Or “Sybil”? Well…I have an alter-ego. Every writer out there is familiar with that special phrase. Many of us like to use pen names. Sometimes we use pen personas, which is really what I’m talking about here.

Wren Andre is the me that runs around all day, doin’ my thang, holding a respectable job, hangin’ with the family, playing Rock Band and video pinball, and delving into the deep, philosophical ideas that shape our very existence. That persona was all set to write “The Wilds People”, a dystopian novel of grit and determination. I have a decent outline. Two main characters, and a couple of ancillary characters I was going to work on further before the November 1st start date. I also drafted a shocking conclusion already. I even have a week of vacation left so that I can dedicate that first week to pounding out as much of that 50,000 word goal as possible before Black Friday – the retail holy grail – takes over.

But in the hushed nighttime hours, I also have another writer persona (who shall remain unnamed) that writes erotic short stories and makes a few bucks off of them on Amazon. That persona has a bitchen’  idea for a full-length paranormal erotica novel, and really isn’t ready to toss it aside while Wren Andre works on something deep and meaningful. Hmmmm. So, here’s the deal. I shall report periodically on that other writer’s NaNoWriMo progress, while Wren Andre continues to blog and gather stuff there and here to be deep and meaningful at some point in the future. After November.

How about all of you writers out there? Any startling frank confessions of your own 😉

(P.S. – I believe I lifted the above graphic from author Dani Harper…maybe?)


5 comments on “Startling Frank Confessions

  1. Hey Wren,

    So maybe you’re the under-cover Henry Miller of our time? (I assume you’ve read Tropic of Capricorn?)

    I just was writing back a reply to Scribbla on my blog when he commented on my “Time to Write: A Rant” post where he was saying maybe we’ll be lucky one day and quit our day jobs. It made me think of what you wrote here about making a couple of bucks from folks buying your stories via Amazon.

    It also makes me wonder if people would buy other, non-erotic, stories via Amazon. Have you ever tried that? Can I ask you how much you make from the erotica? (Enough to buy a latte at Starbucks, enough to buy dinner at a restaurant, enough to put a downpayment on a car… what are we talking about? 🙂 )

    On a somewhat related note, I like the idea you pose here of writing a full length paranormal erotic novel. What do you think True Blood and/or Twilight are if not that? True Blood is more explicit in its sexuality, but both of those “stories” are best sellers. Think about Interview with a Vampire, that had erotic overtones as well and was clearly a best seller. My point is, don’t shy away from the topic of erotica if it is tastefully incorporated into a sexy plot with compelling characters. 🙂

    What do you think?

    • You ask many compelling questions here Carol – so I think I’ll write a post about it! I’ve had a few people ask similar questions, so I’m thinking it warrants its own post – thanks! 😉

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