NaNoWriMo Virgin: It’s My First Time

The clock is ticking folks, (literally, I have a REALLY loud wall clock) and I finally managed to log on to the official NaNoWriMo site and set up a lame profile. The site is lookin’ good, and if you are feeling frisky and want to throw in your lot with the rest of us spewing out a 50,000 word novel in the month of November – then just go here:

Since I have definitely settled on doing my alter-ego’s story idea, I feel a little more balanced and on target. But I also now realize that I really don’t know what to expect. I did read NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty’s book about writing a novel in a month, but it’s like reading a sex manual, or having your Mom tell you about sex while peeling the potatoes one night. You don’t really know what it’s like until you try it.

And my Mom never told me about sex while peeling the potatoes. She just pretended it didn’t exist at all, which saved her from ever having to tell me anything.

So I am gearing up as best that I can; getting that outline ready, going over my secondary characters, shoring up my main character’s traits, and all the things that you’re “allowed” to do before November 1st. Of course there won’t be the novel police checking your process, and it’s not as if there is any sort of prize – other than the grand prize, a completed novel that you, yourself and you wrote – so whatever you do or don’t do works. I have heard that several people do much more than prepare – such as actual writing  ahead of time – which seems to me more like you’re finishing your novel in the month of November, as opposed to actually writing the whole thing.

I say whatever gets you to write the damn thing at all – and that is really what Chris’ whole philosophy seems to be about : to get you to the end result. So with that in mind, I am trying to not get too hung up on the nuts and bolts of the whole operation, and instead focus on the actual reason for doing it in the first place – so that I can get at least the bare bones of a complete novel down in a month.

Plus – it sounds fun. This many writing maniacs all coming together from around the world for this one month to shout out “Go team!”

By the way – the badge I chose for my sidebar features a typewriter; I chose that one in honor of that first novel that I wrote on my dad’s typewriter when I was twelve.


6 comments on “NaNoWriMo Virgin: It’s My First Time

  1. I consider myself on the official Wren Andre NaNoWriMo support bandwagon and I wish you the best for your November adventure. It sounds like you’re doing plenty of prep work, I might add to everything you’ve done, ensure that you have enough time to do the writing during November. That may mean being a hermit for a month, and possibly blogging less, so you’re not distracted….

    Best of luck!

    • Thanks Carol – you can hand me that plastic cup of water and towel as I run by! 😉
      You are so right though – keeping up with the blog, family commitments and being expected to show up to work ( they’re fussy that way) will be a challenge. But, the family is behind me, I have some vacation days I can squeeze in, and the blog may just be quick blurbs here and there!

  2. You have been doing stellar preparation! It sounds like you have a very good understanding of where you will be driving the story and the characters who will be behind the wheel as your story careens forward at breakneck speed through the month of November! I am excited for you! Isn’t NaNo cool – a community that is brought together the same time every year for the love of words. I think employers should give writers the month of November off as a sabbatical! 🙂

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