It’s the Most Spookiest Time of the Year

Oh how I love Halloween. So I am using this day – the last day of “freedom” before NaNoWriMo starts – to just enjoy the festivities we have planned. We are currently playing “Evil Dead 2” in the background for atmosphere, and in a little while we will be going to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. It has been since Christmas, because I have been a supportive partner while John has been on his massive diet, and have not dangled egg rolls in front of him while laughing greedily. Although I did consider it.

After that, we’ll grab a pumpkin, something that we just realized we haven’t done yet (duh), and we should probably carve the thing. The movies in the background will continue up until the time we leave to take Kashmere trick or treating. She’s going with a new friend this year, and we are foregoing the typical drive down the coast to my mall where they give out the exact same lame candy at each store. We are also avoiding the Halloween carnival at the Convention Center that involves contact with a lot of people. Brrrrr. Scary.

Instead, Kashmere’s little friend has turned us on to a trick or treat haven we knew nothing of: the Coast Guard housing where they apparently really get into the spirit with decorations and great candy (as opposed to the lame kind). This is only our 3rd Halloween living here with Kashmere, so we didn’t have the full Halloween 411 yet. We’re a little bummed that the town didn’t do their annual Halloween event where they played a classic horror film at the old Liberty theatre and invited ghost hunters out.

Finally, we will come back to our house, turn all our decorations back on so that everyone knows we are open for business, and hand out candy while playing our fave scary movies such as Halloween, Exorcist and From Hell. John and I will end the evening ourselves by breaking out the cheese and crackers, dips and some hard liquor which we rarely have. Yeah! Oh, and I suppose we’ll dip into the left-over candy too.

All of this fun though is tempered with feeling concern for my family and friends who are on the East Coast. I’ll be calling my Mom and Aunts in a little bit for the latest info, I worry the most about their heat going out! And in addition to kids being disappointed, I know of one Twitter friend who was doing a Halloween fundraiser tonight that’s been cancelled until Nov. 8th, and she’s stuck with 400 hot dog buns that expire on the 2nd. Take my few stories and multiply them by hundreds of thousands, and that’s what everyone is going through back east right now.

So wherever you are, stay safe and warm, and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!



6 comments on “It’s the Most Spookiest Time of the Year

  1. I’m remembering our costumes as children. The year you dressed up as a Fleeteood Mac record. And the year I was James Taylor and you were Carly Simon. How you struggled with the curling iron with still-wet hair. And the donut parties, and your dad in his underwear, brandishing a gun.

    • Aaah yes – the gun brandishing. Wasn’t Lisa sleeping on the couch because of the whole “wedding cake with lots and lots of whipped cream” remark?
      Oh, and uh, how about the butterfly costume , pizza and donuts, and “I see Isis” ? Tee-hee….

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