And So it Begins…

It’s possible I’m too goofy to be blogging right now – but when has that ever stopped me? Day one of the NaNoWriMo mania is nearing its end, and I am at 3679 words. Now – I know I won’t be keeping up this pace, and I even feel I slacked a little today. We had the inevitable heel-dragging of getting started, an annoying middle-of-vacation-meeting at work that couldn’t be avoided, the requisite coffee brewing, driving the kid to ballet class, thrift store trolling on the way home, dinner prep – the usual.

I also had to avoid the deathly lure of the internet, calling to me like some siren ready to pull me under to the cold icy depths of no-writing land. Also, I avoided the NaNo site itself  like the plague after hearing so many horror stories of busy servers and so on. And I have new website phobias. I hadn’t spent too much time there yet, felt like the new kid in class, and didn’t fully grasp what the hell I was expected to do once I got there.

Since I live in the outer regions of Siberia – or at least that’s how my “region” is treated at the site – there aren’t really any local people for me to connect with through the site. I happen to work with one member, so that was something I didn’t need the internet for.  Then there’s the fact that I’m a complete idiot. I could not figure out for the life of me how you updated your word count! I thought if I clicked on the “word count” button at the top, it would open to a screen where I was supposed to upload my current state of affairs. But it just kept showing zero words. Then it hit me. You just type in the flipping amount of words you’ve done so far. You keep track of you. It isn’t until the end of the month when you can start uploading your manuscript that they do the actual count verification.

So since you have to just take my word for it, I just remembered that I did 200,000 words today. Boy are my fingers exhausted!

Other than my little profile and synopsis – I’m not feeling frisky enough to post a novel excerpt of something I just barfed up today – I searched for some writing buddies. I could only find a couple – so if you’re out there and want to be buds – let me know!

First day complete. the only NaNo glitch was a brief site maintenance lockout I had, which went away within a few minutes. Everything seems to be running smooth currently. The family is honoring my writer’s space – Kashmere is being good with the occasional threat of bodily harm to her neo pets thrown in – and I think I can actually do this.

If anyone participating out there is feeling stressed or frozen, here are three questions I stole from Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest to help you when you’re stuck:

“What’s going to happen in the story?”

“What does the character want?”

“What will the turning point be?”

I answered those questions for my idea, and it did help me feel a little less like I was steering blind. So carry on everyone, and if you have any spare chocolate – send it this way. The reserves are already getting low.


7 comments on “And So it Begins…

  1. Yay Wren, what a phenomenal first day!

    Remember to pace yourself though, you don’t want to be tuckered out at the end of the first week. NaNo seems to be a marathon, not a sprint, and an early lead ahead of the pack is good, but make sure you’ve got plenty of reserve energy.

    That said: YAY! Huzzah!! Keep up the great work – I’m rooting for you kiddo!!

    • Thanks Carol! My strategy was to aim higher this first week, knowing that Black Friday weekend is a wash at work. There will be at least 5 days this month (that I know of) where if I can crawl out of bed and stand upright, that’s all I can expect out of myself! 😉

  2. Excellent progress, great job! I think the trick to NaNoWriMo is endurance and being able to out-stubborn the story. I love hearing about your progress, you are keeping me inspired with your enthusiasm and approach! Keep rockin’ NaNo! BTW, I think I just increased my word count to 200,000! 🙂

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