NaNoWriMo So Far…So Good?

Technically speaking, I’m ahead of the proceedings at the end of the fifth day at over 11,500 words. To be on track, I should be at 8,335 words. I still plan to squeeze a few more out before I go to bed (thank you Daylight Savings!), and then I am back to the dreaded daily work schedule. Which is the main reason I wanted to be at about 15 – 16,ooo words by now.

On the plus side, the 1,667 doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem on an average day. On the down side, I know of a minimum of three days – Thanksgiving through that Saturday – that are a complete wash due to work. Oh – and my poor sad family. John is doing the ultimate NaNo/work support and cooking the bird. I will do a three layer jello pumpkin spice pie that looks awful darn good. And easy. Then there are all the other possibilities out there that could derail my good word count intentions. Disease being my main fear. I work with the public, people. So hence – the extra word cushion.

Overall, the experience has been pretty cool. I haven’t had any grand epiphany, I’ve just been trying to stay on track. I have a couple of writing buddies at the NaNo site, so I think that adds to it. There are also a lot of twitter events going on such as @NaNoSprints, where you can follow along as they do writing challenges for anywhere from five to twenty minutes. I’ve heard from a couple of my writing buddies there too. I think the cheering sessions have been the coolest part so far. That, and just publicly declaring to the world that you’re going to write a novel within this limited time frame. (Time frame for editing and second drafts TBD!)

Just want to mention – there is a particularly awful werewolf horror film playing in the background. I blame myself. It seemed like a good deal for two bucks.

As long as we’re talking about werewolves, how about some Halloween photos? We only took a couple because I got video happy this last week. There are boring trick ‘r’ treat ones that only we would care about, and I got some great deer footage of the little rascals lounging around our backyard, but it took an inappropriate turn when one of them started eating my rose bush. We won’t go any further with that. So instead – here are our fantabulous Halloween photos with our video camera that takes crappy pictures. Yay!:

Kashmere as the Wicked Witch of the West. Green makeup not fun to remove.


John & I cradling our beloved "Halloween" pumpkin

And now I shall bid you all adieu as I frantically type a few more sentences before I go to sleep.


6 comments on “NaNoWriMo So Far…So Good?

    • Thanks! Yeah, it does help. I’m more invested in the main two character’s relationship, and I’m starting to expand on a secondary character. It make me want to see what’s going to happen next! 😉

  1. Wren, I think you are doing a phenomenal job and you have kept your goals firmly in mind. Not only are you making great progress, you know what challenges lay ahead and you have planned for them.

    I wish you continued fantastic progress throughout the month!

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