Kindle Fire vs. Kindle – A Non-Techno Geek Review

I gotta Kindle Fire – I gotta Kindle Fire – I gotta Kindle Fire – nananananana. Hey – I never claimed to possess any amount of maturity. What is actually startling about me owning a Kindle Fire (courtesy of Christmas and the hubby’s wallet), is that I am the least latest-gadget-on-the-market type of person that could possibly exist. My regular keyboard Kindle – last year’s Christmas booty – was a carefully thought out and patient acquisition.

“I’ll wait until the price goes down.” “It’s better to get a later version, after they’ve worked the kinks out.” “How the hell am I supposed to afford an almost $200 gadget that is basically a vehicle for books the way that deep-fried appetizers are vehicles for ranch sauce?”

But, eventually, after drooling over other’s Kindle eReader ownership – some who had barely been adults for more than 5 minutes and were making minimum wage at part-time jobs – common sense took over. “Shit – what I really need in my life is more instant gratification. If I only had a Kindle, I could buy it now with one click, and be 60 seconds away from reading a book that might take (God forbid) two or more WHOLE DAYS to arrive.” So I strongly suggested that I should be gifted that for Christmas last year, and it has been one of my most favorite things ever. I have basically treated it like a newborn infant, and coddled it lovingly since its arrival. And yes – I have had lots of instant gratification, randomly bought books I probably never would have heard of under any other circumstances, discovered the joys and intrigues of the indie world, and been able to avoid purchasing additional bookshelves for my home, as I no longer need all that extra space. There are many fantastic things to say about the Kindle.

So why even bother with the Fire? For me, the fact that it was the latest thing on the market had zero appeal. What did catch my attention though, was the fact that I could do all of my social media stuff, email, and have my eReader. Then when you throw in the Cloud storage, movies, TV, music and a ridiculous low price of $199 – well – you had me at pre-order. My hubby’s first remark was that I should sell my Kindle. Why keep it? I can do everything on the Fire after all.

But it didn’t feel right to do that. My pretty white Kindle was My Precious, and I wasn’t ready to let it go. I’m very glad I didn’t.

The Fire arrived a few weeks ago, so I’ve had a chance to download Angry Birds, do a lot of swiping and tapping, go on Facebook and Twitter, add my email accounts and write notes, download more random apps, and fill my Netflix queue with all types of crap. I’ve also done a little bit of reading. Not a lot. I’ve actually played Jewels more than I’ve read anything on the Fire. However, I’ve finished two books on the Kindle in that same time period, and downloaded several samples.

Here are the main differences, as they relate to my personal preferences. The regular Kindle is much lighter. It’s not that the Fire weighs as much as a brick, but when you’re lying in bed reading, or holding up the eReader; it does make a difference after a period of time. The screen on the Fire is backlit in the same way as your computer screen, so for some people, that can strain your eyes for long periods of time. You also do notice the glare. Personally, I can do without seeing my frowny face staring back at me while I’m reading. The regular Kindle has that awesome non-glare screen and grayscale background that is easy on the eyes and works great in outdoor lighting.

On the other hand, the Fire is in COLOR. It is clear and books show up crisper on the larger screen. The ability to enjoy a graphic novel or magazine is an excellent reason to have the Fire. Then there are all of the other app and web abilities that the Fire provides that is not available on the regular Kindle. I should mention that any of the recent whining in reports about the Fire being a fail because some features are wonky, doesn’t bother me.

Probably the one thing I wish was different would be the external volume control, but seriously, did any of us even grasp ten years ago that such a thing as an electronic tablet connecting you to the web, with instant movies and books and TV and music, could even exist now and not just in a Phillip K. Dick novel? God, we are spoiled babies.

Waaaah, my amazing electronic tablet isn’t perfect – the power switch is in a funny spot! Waaaah, I want my $199 back.

Does anyone remember what you paid for your Compaq Presario, Gateway or Dell computer tower of death ten years ago? Do you remember how awesome and fast it was? Exactly.

My final assessment: I like both for the different reasons I stated above. I plan on keeping my regular Kindle, and using the Fire as my portable device. Basically like a smart phone that doesn’t make calls. I can check email, Facebook, Twitter, read if I’m waiting for someone or taking a break (since it would be fine for a short period of time), and maybe have music to listen to – which you can do simultaneously on the Fire.

I now have Precious One…and Precious Two.


2 comments on “Kindle Fire vs. Kindle – A Non-Techno Geek Review

  1. You should get tiny t-shirts for each device, one that says “Thing 1” and the oither “Thing 2” (from Dr. Seuss.) 🙂

    Enjoy your new gadget!

    And…you already got your Christmas present for this year?

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