Fa La La La La… La La La La

So this is it folks – we are in full throttle holiday madness…uh, cheer. Being in retail,  my view gets filtered through a veil of “sell, Sell, SELL!” and 17 versions of the same crappy Christmas Carol played over and over and over and over and over until a bullet in my head seems like too mild of a reaction.

But I do really love Christmas and the holidays. I wish I could have more of

Our first live tree here in Oregon

my family with me right now (certain pre-selected ones – to the others I would pretend I had to work. Even though the store is closed), but I’m loving it here in the Pacific Northwest. I feel that this, our third Christmas since moving here, will be the best one yet. It really feels like home this year.

Now the next thing to consider is 2012 looming just around the corner. It has been the best year of my life as a writer, and I have that urge in me to just take off like a rocket; as if there was no stopping me now. But let’s see – how much writing have I gotten done since I signed my contract a few weeks back? Well, I did finish a 5,000 word story, and post it at my other blog, so that was good. I’ve thought about some story ideas. I’ve even considered working on my NaNoWriMo novel that is only at 26,000 words. I suppose it would be easier to work on if I ever opened up my writing folder.

Yeah – I know. It’s the holidays and there’s just so much going on, what with work, and shopping and baking and wrapping and mailing and Christmas card writing  and Lord of the Rings marathons and so on. But it’s funny how I can remember back when I was in the music business how infuriated I would be every year right around Thanksgiving. It was because I knew the industry would start shutting down. No one would be wanting to do anything except get ready for the holidays. Budgets were spent, calendars already completed – you couldn’t get anyone to commit to anything. “I’d go to your show, but cousin Mathilda is coming to town for the first time in eight years, and she hates chick singers. She also can never ever be left alone. Especially on Tuesdays. When you’re doing your show.”

So maybe we all have some sort of holiday gene that has been imprinted in our DNA in modern times that prevents us from functioning on any sort of non-holiday level beginning the third week in November. No excuse is too lame of why you can’t accomplish this or that once you’ve taken that first mouthful of turkey. From that moment on you’ve got a hall pass, unless it’s trying to get out of some type of therapy-provoking Christmas get-together. That, my friend, you have to just deal with. Just remember though, there are many new prescription drugs available to help you survive the holidays. Or you could just hit the eggnog. Personally, I prefer Kahlua.

Anyway, I am going to allow myself to continue to wallow in carb overload and non-writer land for a few more days. Because as 2012 continues its “loom”, I know I’ll need to get down to business and figure out how I am going to balance a successful writing career (one hopes), full-time job, and happy family next year. Until we meet again – which will not be until the New Year – I do wish everyone else their own wallowing time to do what you want, enjoy your friends and family, and just revel in the feel of this time of the year.

Happy Holidays to all!


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