Spider Whisperers Rule!

I guess I now have a rep – too bad it’s not as an internationally best-selling writer. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. Sherry Roberts, author of  “Book of Mercy”, just posted an interview with me on her blog. This is it – go check it out:


And while you’re there, you really should check out her blog, and look into getting your very own copy of “Book of Mercy”. It is available from Amazon in print and Kindle versions:


The story centers on a woman in the small North Carolina town of Mercy, who has no idea she is about to disrupt the plans of a group of ladies who are intent on ridding the school library of “undesirable” (in their eyes) books. Sherry tackles the very serious subject of book banning with a great dose of humor. This is a recommended read!

I also recommend that I get some sleep tonight. But first – I must go and save my spider friends from certain annihilation at the hands of John’s slipper!


5 comments on “Spider Whisperers Rule!

  1. Lovely interview, Wren and congratulations on your contract. My husband and I are spider whisperers, too… I didn’t know there was a name for it. We often have a huntsman living in our bathroom and our cat knows not to touch him.

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