I Couldn’t Do it Without You

I’m listening to Goldfrapp’s Supernature right now and trying to get a grip. I have a few days off of work (I’m taking my Thanksgiving day off right now – gotta love retail), and one thing the hubby and I did this past week was work on a production schedule for me. Not one minute of this year can be wasted! We sat down for a couple of  hours and hashed out what I’ve accomplished – somewhat unexpectedly – this past year, and how we can keep the train a’rolling.

Now that I’ve actually got my foot – or perhaps just my big toe – in the publishing door, it would be the height of stupidity not to take the proverbial ball and run with it. This is exactly the type of stupidity I have been known for in the past, and am not at all anxious to repeat. Especially at this stage of the game – I don’t have forever here folks.

The result is that I have had to take a hard look at the relatively small amounts of time that I actually get to write. In between the writing I need to stay in touch with my alter-ego’s blog, facebook, twitter, promo and review opportunities. There’s also the matter of my family and this 40 hour-plus job I show up at every week. We discussed what stories/novels I’m working on and want to work on this year. It soon became way too obvious that I have too much on my plate. So we made a list. We checked it more than twice, and we drew a red line through the things that needed to be let go for now.

I’d quit my job, but I’m too fond of food and shelter. I know, so greedy. I need to spend time with my family – they are the only thing that keeps my tenuous hold on sanity. I also need to continue to produce material in the genre that I’m currently successful in. With all of that in mind, I’ve let go of some things that I had planned on doing in 2012.

The first would be that I’m not submitting anything to Rain Magazine, a literary journal that has published me the last couple years. That was tough – but I don’t have anything ready to submit, and I would have to start from scratch, or work on something I already have going. In other words, not generate any content under my pseudonym while working on that – and she has some hard deadlines that John and I agreed on. I also have a couple other contests that I typically enter in, such as Writer’s Digest, Women on Writing Flash Fiction, Glimmer Train, and I had an invitation to submit to the Glass Woman Prize for being a first reader in their last contest. I will not be doing any of those things for this year. I will also likely be only blogging once a week here so that I can stick to my schedule.

But I do have plans to finish my NaNo novel and submit it to my publisher. Finish my series that I currently have up on Amazon. Submit to my editor for at least two submission calls the publishing company has out. And finish at least one short/novella a month, using the already-begun material that is festering in my computer. This along with all of the other afore-mentioned stuff. The reality is that I had to make hard choices. The other reality is that I will forever be a shirt-folder unless I make it happen as a writer. If my alter-ego rescues me from retail hell, then I bet she’ll let me put a chunk of time into my Wren Andre projects. I know her pretty well, and she’s cool like that.

Finally, I couldn’t do it without my family’s support – especially John – he is so amazing. I know he realizes that already, and I run the risk of making his head explode with his awesomeness, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. My daughters – and fellow artists – are a continuous source of inspiration to me. I also have to say that it’s been an unbelievably wonderful experience commiserating and meeting so many other writers and book-lovers online. You guys rule! Every one of you makes me want to keep pushing through when I’m so exhausted all I want to do is watch something stupid on T.V. and pass out when I come home. Thank you. I really couldn’t do it without you.


3 comments on “I Couldn’t Do it Without You

  1. Wren, it’s great you went through a detailed prioritization and goal setting so early in the year, I have to commend you for it! From your comments it does seem like you had too much on your plate, but remember, you never know what you’ll be able to accomplish when you set your mind to it!

    My (non-solicited!) advice is to periodically review your goals thru the year, maybe once every 3 months, to see if everything is still valid. For example, if you wind up having something decent you could submit to the Glass Woman Prize contest, you may want to exercise that option. Then again, if your other material starts taking off you may need to cut back even further on what you do under Wren Andre.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to continue maintaining your blog here, it was the one thing I was afraid might “go” before I got to the bottom of your post, but thankfully, you’re still going to post once a week. 🙂

    Best of luck to you on all of your many writerly endeavors this year, I have no doubt with your amazing work ethic that you’ll accomplish a lot. Hopefully, we’ll hear all about it on your blog – or – in print!

  2. Man, am I jealous of your level of organization! Seriously, you should be thrilled at the support you have, but give yourself a ton of credit for being so focused. I have all the same demands you do, and am only keeping up with fairly random blog posts – haven’t figured out how to balance all the rest nearly so well. I look forward to seeing what you create this year!

    • Thank you. I am incredibly fortunate to have the family I do. When I was alone, I had a sporadic schedule, but I got some stuff done. When I was in toxic relationships – it was a crap shoot. Literally. Don’t give up – you’ll find your rhythm! 😉

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