Here’s to Making it Count

Since my last post – the longest I think I’ve gone between posts before – I have been putting my plan of action into…well, action. This means sticking to that writing schedule for my alter-ego, and producing content on a regular basis. As of two nights ago, I completed over 12,000 words of my latest story, which I plan to have edited, formatted, with cover art and uploaded by January 31st. All of this is awesome.

The other part to this production plan was to limit my blog posts here to once a week. That means when I post, I really want to make it count. I’ve had to consider why I started to blog in the first place, and exactly what making it count might mean to me. One of the long-term goals I originally set for myself as a writer was to be a memoirist. That is actually what got me back into the serious writing fray, and continues to nag at me. The writers that pop into my head when I try to picture where I would like to be placed are Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris, Phillip K. Dick, Suzanne Collins, Margaret Atwood and Stephen King.

I’m all over the map here, I know.

But things have become so cool and mellow for me these last few years, that the previous junkyard of my existence stands out in obvious relief. What used to be just a typical hodge-podge of psychodrama, nutjobs, bizarre occurrences and stupidity, has morphed into the daily life of someone who isn’t on the brink of either despair, serious meltdown or yet another asshole boyfriend. Never mind the music business. That was its own daily fresh hell. When you mixed all of that together, it made for a, shall we say, “challenging” lifestyle. It just isn’t like that anymore.

This has given me that fun little device known as perspective. I see things now how they really were – or at least – how I view they really were. It’s a whole other realization baby! Sometimes the memories hit me like a whack in the face or punch in the gut.  They range from dreadful to hilarious, but they are never mundane in emotion. I have wanted to lay these moments bare for a long time.

So, If  I’m only going to post here once a week, I intend to start taking the notebooks and journals I’ve been scribbling in for a while, and try to make some sense of what happened to me in the first 40 years of my life. Yeah, I know. Good luck with that. I’m not going to blog my memoir here, far from it, but I want to explore some of the different scenarios I’ve been through, even if it’s just in the form of reminiscing. The idea is that it would eventually lead me to that place down the line where I could actually make the memoir part of my production schedule.

On that note, my alter-ego needs to get back to work – and pay some more of the bills around here!


11 comments on “Here’s to Making it Count

  1. I’m proud of you Wren! 12K words completed is seriously AWEsome. You’re also digging in on your 2012 goals with such intent and intensity, it’s inspiring to watch.

    I’ve spent this whole weekend not writing (I don’t count writing blog posts) and not editing, but instead combing through Duotrope, doing my subs…sigh…sometimes it feels like everything just takes for-EV-er. I get so frustrated sometimes, but then I come here and read how you’re putting one foot in front of the other and it makes me take a deep breath and say, yes, YES, she is doing it. She’s DOing it! It’s exciting to see.

    Keep going Wren. Go girl, GO.

    You’ve got the determination, it’s so apparent. I’m thrilled to be along for the ride and able to watch you soar.


    • Thank you Carol – I know the frustrated feeling. It seems like you look at the clock and go “What? It can’t be that late already!”
      And yes, of course you can do it – I think the 13 stories you had published last year are living proof! 😉

  2. I like your sense of humor, and relate to the difficulty of finding time to write. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hey Wren,

    I’m wondering, now that you’ve cut back on your posting schedule have you seen a marked decrease in blog traffic?

    As you may have noticed, I’ve “cut back” (haha!) to posting only 3 times a week now, and it’s a posting schedule I can live with. Posting 5x a week or daily was killing me. People have more time to absorb the latest post and I’m seeing more comments too. I don’t think this new schedule has had a negative impact on my traffic.

    Just curious…

    • Interesting you would mention that. I don’t think it’s hurting me all that much, in the sense that people who would really want to read what is here are tuning in, not just clicking and leaving never to be heard from again. I recently read on one author’s blog in my twitter tribe, that she has the best stats on the blogs where she only posts once a month and once a week. So, it could be the old quality vs. quantity scenario. I personally can only keep up with reading blogs at about a once a week rate – there’s always so much going on! 😉

      • Well, it’s true for me that this month is my best-ever from a clicks perspective and I’ve written at least a third fewer posts than I did in December (when I was in New Orleans). I’d guess I was pumping too much content out there during that month and not giving my audience enough time to absorb it. Interestingly, I’m now starting to see more traffic on those blog posts than I did when I published them!

        Bottom line is – good for you and I’m extremely glad this posting schedule is working out well for you. As always, thanks for the feedback on this. I’m going to keep on my reduced posting schedule and see if my trend continues too. 🙂

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