I Have Not Been Abducted By Aliens

At least not recently. No folks, I’ve been diligently living my alter-ego’s life, and am happy to report that the book has gone into final line edits, and in the middle of that, my editor requested a full manuscript based on one of the synopses I sent her. Problem: it’s due this week. So I have literally taken every available second to work on that. This all coincided with a big event at work this past week, so I actually was wrapped up in that at the same time.

But alas! After I turn my manuscript in Thursday night (so that it hits desks by Friday morning in London), I will almost be at my four-day fake vacation. It’s a fake one because I’m not going anywhere, and my new manager kindly worked it out so that I’m scheduled my two days off at the end of one week, and the beginning of another. Hence, I don’t have to use up my newly paltry vacation hours. At that time, I will do a double post – or extra post – so that you can find out what weird entity came after me and Billie, not to mention their weird little cousins that made appearances from that point on as well.

Final random unrelated comment: I saw the Hunger Games,(had to make time for that!) and yes, I am an avid fan of the books. It was a good, solid film. However, there were too many deviations – particularly in developing the relationship between Katniss and Peeta – for me to give it a “WOW”. I’ll see the sequel (hopefully, character development will be more forefront), get the DVD (maybe they will have the deleted character scenes), and give it a “B” rating. I feel my point about the characters is valid, because the hubby, not a reader, was confused as to why the characters behaved the way they did. It’s called not enough character development! Also – there were no cool creepy faces on the dogs.

Okay – I shall go ahead and head off to work, and then get back to the manuscript after that. See y’all next week!



2 comments on “I Have Not Been Abducted By Aliens

  1. This just needs to be said: You Are ****A W E S O M E !!! ****

    You know, there could be a lot of reasons why you’ve been busy, but if I were going to pick some, the reasons you give really are the very top of that list. Look at you go sistah!

    Go Grrrl Go!!!!

    I hope this leads to the biggest, phatest royalty checks seen this side of the Pecos, lady. 😉

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