Thoughts on Prometheus and Other Life Forms…

Such as the ones I help out everyday at work. Work…right…I was going to blab about that today, (you guessed it, more changes!) but alas, something much more interesting happened: the new film by Ridley Scott, Prometheus. The hubby and I have been anxiously awaiting this film for a long time now. Anyone who is a hardcore fan of the original Alien film, Ridley Scott, Sci-fi, the meaning of life, needs to drop everything they are doing at this exact moment and run to the theatre and see this film. NOW.

The film itself has been shrouded in a lot of secrecy, and smartly so. I think having too much hype and pre-conceived notions about it would have ruined the joyous wonder of experiencing it. People have speculated as to whether this is alternately another installment in the Alien saga, or a prequel. Or even that it had nothing to with Alien at all. Since I’m sure the internet and those who love to abuse it will post spoilers galore, and give loads of glorified opinions on the philosophical ramifications of thus and so, the creature’s design, comparisons to Alien, etc. , I’ll spare you all of that.

This is not specifically a review of the film, it’s more about the impact that it had on me. It is smart, and it makes you think. It is also gorgeously filmed with a soaring musical backdrop. The acting – particularly Noomi Rapace, the original Dragon Tattoo girl, Lisbet, in the Swedish version of the film – is excellent. The story and writing are excellent. H.R. Giger‘s design still informs the look. But most of all – it is filled with a hell of a lot of suspense and horror that is reminiscent of the original Alien.

I was engrossed the entire time watching it, and I was very much drawn into the story, as well as the fervor that the lead character had for finding the answers to our origins. It was all handled elegantly, and without the likely cheese factor that such a subject might be prone to (Cocoon anyone?). Go see this film – I hope I’ve made that clear. Final word on the content – it is graphic and definitely deserving of an R rating. Anyone contemplating on taking a kid or teen who is used to gory films, they may not appreciate the origin of the species theme, and find it too boring.

Now that I’ve planned out your weekend’s entertainment, I bid you farewell until next time when I’ll bring you up to speed on the work/new book release stuff. Happy Alien hunting!


3 comments on “Thoughts on Prometheus and Other Life Forms…

  1. Hello there, this is a friendly note to let you know this reader misses you but I hope that things are going well on the book release and the new work you are undoubtedly doing these days.

    Maybe you even have something fun planned for July 4th?

    Regardless, I’ll be here whenever you get back to your blog. 🙂


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